Walmart Automation (Culture, General)

Noferblatz (15 January 2020 15:25:19)

How many cashiers must lose their jobs in favor of automation? Read More

Westerns (Culture, General, The Arts)

Noferblatz (15 January 2020 15:22:06)

The westerns of yesteryear (movies and TV) are, arguably, better content than what is typically produced today. Read More

California Wood Dust (Culture, General)

Noferblatz (15 January 2020 15:20:42)

Sawdust apparently causes cancer, at least in California. My question is: what doesn't cause cancer in California? Read More

Hobo Beards (Culture, General)

Noferblatz (17 December 2019 15:18:32)

You've seen those long, scraggly beards on men these days. Here are my thoughts. Read More

The Death Of Physical Media (Culture)

Noferblatz (14 October 2019 17:49:25)

Streaming's great and all, but not having physical media means you're losing a lot of great history, and a lot of wonderful art at the same time. Read More

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