I Make Trouble
(Culture, General, Politics)
by Noferblatz (13 August 2020 13:19:00)

I've held my tongue long enough. It's time for me to stop avoiding the important issues.
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Stop feeling guilty
(Culture, Politics)
by Noferblatz (13 August 2020 08:15:30)

Today, we are continually made to feel guilty for what we do, say and think. Don't.
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Stop Encrypting Websites
(Information Technology)
by Noferblatz (30 July 2020 17:36:30)

Google has all but insisted on secure connections to websites. I disagree.
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Functional programming
(Information Technology, Programming)
by Noferblatz (22 July 2020 17:10:30)

Functional programming is all the rage, and programmers using it think it will eventually sweep everything aside. I disagree.
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(Culture, Politics)
by Noferblatz (17 July 2020 22:59:00)

The response to CV has been erroneous and overblown. Here's why.
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