Five Hundred Years Ago (Culture, General, Politics)

Noferblatz (30 March 2018 16:37:40)

A revolution started five hundred years ago, and now we must figure out how to deal with its aftermath. Read More

Science Fiction Gets It Wrong (Culture, General)

Noferblatz (27 March 2018 16:34:06)

Science fiction predicts a lot of things, but sometimes its predictions don't exactly match the reality of the future. Read More

Egyptians And Pyramids (Culture, General)

Noferblatz (15 February 2018 16:30:39)

Did the Egyptians we know from history build the pyramids? Um... no. Read More

Annoying Web Pages (Information Technology, Tech Made Simple)

Noferblatz (26 January 2018 16:28:47)

How web pages used to be, versus how they are now. Read More

Hollywood: My Conscience (Culture, Politics)

Noferblatz (17 January 2018 04:40:02)

I'm pretty tired of Hollywood telling me what to do, say and think. Are you? Read More

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