EDI Revisited
by Noferblatz (01 September 2019 08:54:32)

Another looks at EDI, in relation to the VCARD format
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Another Reason I Distrust Doctors
(Culture, General)
by Noferblatz (04 June 2019 17:36:01)

After a recent week-long hospital stay, doctors made a statement so uninformed that it reinforced my distrust of doctors.
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Defect Attractors
by Noferblatz (21 May 2019 07:35:46)

A new and much beloved programming term has emerged: "defect attractors"
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Minimum vs Maximum Features
(Information Technology, Programming)
by Noferblatz (04 April 2019 17:34:05)

Should I throw the kitchen sink in from the start, or code minimal features and add to them later?
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Global Climate Change
(General, Politics)
by Noferblatz (19 March 2019 08:37:06)

Prepare to hate. Anthropogenic Global Climate Change is a hoax and a con game
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