Javascript is a Botch, Part 1 (Information Technology)

Paul M. Foster (06 October 2011 15:46:46)

In studying Javascript, I've found it to be a very peculiar language, crafted with some very questionable design choices. Here's part 1 of a long rant detailing what those choices are. Read More

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Why The Cloud Sucks (Information Technology)

Paul M. Foster (04 October 2011 16:34:37)

The Cloud is all the rage in IT Land. I just don't think it's all it's cracked up to be, and that it has some deficiencies. Read More

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Permission Systems (Blog Software, Programming)

Paul M. Foster (14 April 2011 00:42:23)

What would a generic, extensible permissions system look like? Here is my take on what it might look and operate like. Read More

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Object-Oriented Programming is okay, but... (Programming)

Paul M. Foster (31 March 2011 00:39:31)

Object oriented programming isn't a panacea. It's useful sometimes, but not all the time. Read More

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Running without a database (Blog Software)

Paul M. Foster (30 March 2011 23:19:08)

How do you run a blog without using a relational database or NoSQL engine? Here's how I did it. Read More

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