Europe vs America
by Noferblatz (15 December 2017 07:23:55)

The differences between American and Europe, and how they are now becoming more and more alike.
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My Software Choices
(Information Technology)
by Noferblatz (11 December 2017 07:22:07)

A selection of my favorite pieces of software, just to record it somewhere. You're welcome to come along.
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Future Trends
(Culture, General)
by Noferblatz (13 November 2017 07:19:29)

Future trends which may or may not evaporate. Trust my awesome powers of prognostication.
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Hollywood Is Over
by Noferblatz (10 November 2017 07:17:58)

My various beefs with Hollywood
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Health Care And Government
(Culture, Politics)
by Noferblatz (10 November 2017 07:07:47)

The federal government should not be in the health care business. Follow my reasoning.
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