Annoying Web Pages
(Information Technology, Tech Made Simple)
by Noferblatz (26 January 2018 16:28:47)

How web pages used to be, versus how they are now.
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Email Scams
(Information Technology, Tech Made Simple)
by Noferblatz (25 December 2017 16:17:15)

Some guidance on how to avoid email scams.
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Wistful Bachelor Years
(Culture, General)
by Noferblatz (23 December 2017 16:14:23)

No matter how much you love your wife/girlfriend and no matter how many blissful years you spend with her, you'll always look back fondly on your years as a bachelor.
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Europe vs America
by Noferblatz (15 December 2017 07:23:55)

The differences between American and Europe, and how they are now becoming more and more alike.
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My Software Choices
(Information Technology)
by Noferblatz (11 December 2017 07:22:07)

A selection of my favorite pieces of software, just to record it somewhere. You're welcome to come along.
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