What is PSSP?

Briefly, here's the story. I wrote a suite of programs for use in my business, written in PHP, Javascript, C, Perl and Python. We use it every day in our business, but I didn't write it to be used by others. Some day I'll package it for other people's use. That package started out as just a bookkeeping package. I called it "Philosopher's Stone" (PSS) on the idea that if it helped you keep track of your finances well, it would be the equivalent of turning the "lead" of your finances into "gold". Fine, laugh if you want. I thought it was a neat idea at the time, and I never intended for anyone but those in my company to see it.

As time went on, there were other functions I wanted to perform which didn't fit into my corporate suite of programs. But I realized that I could write them using the same framework I used for the PSS suite. They would be the "PSS Personal Suite".

These applications are just include things I wanted to have available to me personally. They include:

For a lot of these things, you can probably find standalone packages that may do the job better. I wanted them all in one place with a similar interface.


In order to run this software, you'll need the following:

  1. A web server. While you can load this software on a server which is actually on the internet, I would advise against it. I've make reasonable attempts to make the software secure, but I've not extensively tested it in a hacker-rich internet environment. I suggest putting on a local area network (LAN) web server. It runs on our LAN under Apache 2. But you could probably run it with any reasonable substitute web server. All bets are off if you run IIS. It's meant to run in a Linux environment, and I have no way to test it under IIS.
  2. PHP version 5.2 or better. PHP runs under your web server, but may need to be installed as a separate package.
  3. (Optional) A reasonable C compiler. The calendar application has a "back end" program written in C which will email you reminders about daily events if you like. In a Debian Linux environment, the executable I ship might work for you. If not, and you want to take advantage of the email reminders (optional), you'll need to recompile it from source code (included). It's not complicated, really.
  4. (Optional) If you want emailed reminders, you'll want some way to have the reminder program above fire off every day. Under Linux, you'd use the cron program or some variant thereof. Under Windows or Macintosh, you'll want to find a program which will launch a program once a day (or at whatever interval you choose).
  5. PostgreSQL database management system. The software was written to run under PostgreSQL and does so easily. I have not tested it under MySQL. If you wish to run it under MySQL, you can try, but it may require some tweaking. It takes advantage of PostgreSQL serial integers, and "logs on" its database using PostqreSQL idioms. If you get it working on MySQL, let me know what you had to tweak to make it work (or send me a patch). Also, this might run faster with SQLite3. You can try it (I haven't). As before, if you tweak it and make it work, let me know what you did.
  6. A browser (obviously). It has been tested under Firefox, recent versions of Internet Explorer, and a little bit on Safari. It requires a browser to work.

Downloading/Obtaining source code

The project is hosted at .