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Privacy Policy

You are welcome to comment on this blog anonymously. If you register with my site, I ask for your actual name and email address. The name you provide to us will be associated with any comments you make while logged in. The email address is not made public in any way, but may be used by me for private email conversations with you, if such seem appropriate. We do not sell or otherwise make public email addresses.

People say all manner of things to each other privately which would be horribly inappropriate if said publicly. Please be aware that anything you post on this site is automatically made public, including your name if you are logged in while commenting. That's the nature of a forum such as this. Please consider this before posting.

Other than obviously public information as detailed above, I share none of your private information with others. The only exceptions are:

  1. If I am asked to reveal such information by legal authorities.
  2. I am reasonably certain, from public or private communications with me, that you are actively committing or have committed crimes for which you have eluded prosecution. In this case, I may volunteer this information to law enforcement or legal authorities.
  3. You attempt to hack this site. In this case, I will enlist the assistance of security professionals and do what I can to track you down and prosecute you to the fullest extent possible.

I purposely don't collect a lot of private information about people who surf to our site or comment. I'm not in the business of email marketing or selling private information, and frankly I don't want to be liable for knowing any more than I have to about you. Should you engage me in private conversations, notwithstanding the three areas above, I will not reveal any private information you may give me, unless you give me express permission to do so. Should you say something so pithy in private that I'd like to make it part of my posts, I'll ask you first, and won't make it public unless you expressly agree.


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