Hollywood Is Over

I’m pretty much done with Hollywood. I love movies and I own over 500 DVDs and Blu-Rays, not to mention a couple of VHS cassettes. And I appreciate the entertainment that Hollywood has provided me down through the years. And I appreciate the work of any artist in the field whose films I’ve enjoyed. If I were in the presence of a TV or film star (one I was actually familiar with) I would tell them I appreciate their work, and thank them. I wouldn’t ask for an autograph or a selfie. I’d just thank them.

But I’ve watched an awful lot of DVD extras over the years, which usually comprise interview snippets with people who worked on the films. The universal adoration expressed in these strikes me as insincere, and I don’t believe that so many people would normally speak so highly of their peers in a field like movies. Dig deep, and there is a lot of interpersonal animosity in Hollywood. But you’ll never see it in these interviews. Instead, it’s all glowing praise. So there’s a lot of lying going on. That being the case, I can’t trust what these people say about each other. Therefore, there’s no point in listing to it or watching it.

Next, there’s the criminality, drug abuse, infidelity, pedophilia, and all the rest of the “sinning” that Hollywood is soaked in. Beyond purely criminal enterprises, I can’t imagine one more corrupt than Hollywood. And all these activities are well known in Hollywood. It’s not like people float around Hollywood and aren’t aware of this. Even non-participants (are there any?) know this is going on. If you went through Hollywood and convicted and jailed these people of all the crimes they’ve committed, there would be hardly any left. Not to mention the things they do with aren’t illegal but are definitely immoral and unethical.

Next, there is the attitude common in Hollywood that these people are above the rest of us, and thus have the right to preach to us about how we should conduct our own lives. Here’s a clue: You lost that right long ago, if you ever even had it. I have it on the authority of people who’d be in a position to know better than I, that most of these people aren’t that well educated nor that smart. But even if I ignore the statements of these people, the conduct and words of Hollywood denizens proves they really have no idea what they’re talking about. In fact, with so many schools of drama around, I’m inclined to wonder if they even know anything about acting, directing and writing. Someone famous once said that there’s nothing wrong with believing you’re the most important person in the room, as long as everyone else is just as important. Not so in Hollywood. If you don’t live there and go to their parties and such, you’re just not that good a human.

And oh what a sacrifice it is to work sooo hard on a film or TV set. Yeah, my heart bleeds peanut butter. I realize that not everyone in Hollywood gets millions off the top for doing movies, but union rules dictate they make out pretty well per hour for the work they do, even when getting “scale”. Understand, my contempt is less for grips, best boys and the like, and more for the stars.

Next, there is the utter, complete and total lack of imagination and creativity of so much of Hollywood, especially those whose business it is to “greenlight” pictures. I particularly include the television folks in this. Our current climate of reboots, re-imaginings, stealing content from the comics and graphic novels (apparently the only creative outlets left these days) speaks mountains about those who have authority and direct the money flows in Hollywood. As I’ve written elsewhere, it has driven me nearly to the point where I’d just about rather read a book.

And I’m really tired of the self-congratulatory tendencies of Hollywood. I’ve lost track of how many awards and types of awards people give themselves in Hollywood. It’s remarkable that these people have any functioning arms left, considering the contortions they go through patting themselves on the back.

I’m also quite tired of the politics that Hollywood tries to inflict on us. I wish that every time an actor or director or producer came on and preached politics at me, they would factually and actually lose half their audience. I don’t care what side of the aisle they’re on, and that goes for musicians as well. If they lost half their audience each time they spewed forth some political statement, you’d never hear another political word from Hollywood. In fact it would probably put Hollywood out of business permanently. I don’t look to Hollywood’s best to tell me what to think politically. And frankly, when someone from that industry expresses a political opinion, I’m more likely to go the opposite way, just because I know these people don’t know what they’re talking about. Just make your movies, bang little boys in your free time, and otherwise, shut up.

I haven’t given up on Hollywood completely, but I do spend far more time on Youtube than I do on TV or at the movies these days.