Don't Listen To Psychologists

I watched a Youtube video today which concerned itself with our current “complaint” culture. Everyone has a complaint, some condition that’s unfair to them, and if you say anything even close to the vicinity of their particular area of whining, you’re guilty of “micro-agressions”, racism, sexism, homophobia and anything anyone can think of hanging you with.

In a responding comment, I explained that all these conditions and a loud contingent of the population’s whining about them rested at the feet of psychologists. All these non-offense offense conditions are of psychologist manufacture. And I instructed my fellow readers not to listen to psychologists.

I was immediate branded as an idiot and called down for making such a statement. I don’t know if the person responding agreed with the complaint culture or not. But he certainly objected to my dictum to ignore psychologists.

Youtube is hard to have a “comment war” on, and I’m usually not inclined to respond to detractors. I prefer to simply let my original words make my point for me. However, had I taken the time to respond, I would have asked the guy where he thought all these silly concepts came from? People didn’t just spontaneously come out with this crap on their own. How would one imagine they’ve made such a large penetration into our society? Psychologists originated these concepts and have forwarded them into our society, to be picked up by useful idiots and fellow travellers everywhere. Of course, unless you’re in places which are already nutters (like academia or on movie sets), the number of actual complainers per capita is miniscule. If we listened to them in proportion to their actual numbers, the silence would be deafening.

But it’s nonetheless true that all this dreck was created by and promoted by psychologists. And if we’d never listened to them in the first place, none of this whining and complaining would be happening.

And let’s not forget that psychology is not by any stretch of the imagination a science. If it were, their wouldn’t be a hundred different schools of it. Jung would agree with Freud, Adler would agree with Maslow, and they’d all be singing “Kumbaya” together, and the world would be a lot quieter place than it is. Psychology has certainly received all the money anyone could ever want from governments and academia to solve the world’s problems many times over. And yet here we are, as divided and contentious as ever.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out psychologists created all these problems so they could then be paid to solve them (which they can’t).

If you’ve visited a psychologist and gained some benefit from it, good for you. I’m not targetting your psychologist. I’m targetting the field as a whole.