Ancient Builders

There are a lot of folks around who don’t believe in things like alien visitations unless they get an engraved invitation from a bunch of aliens and a souvenir ashtray to take home with them. These people don’t want to look stupid around their friends, who believe the same things. They figure that if they take refuge in solid “science” (which dictates 11 dimensions and that 90% of the matter in the universe is “dark”), they’ll be safe from ridicule. Forget that the “science” they respect and put so much faith in is mostly a con game at this point. It’s pretty silly to watch how their scientist buddies work to dismiss evidence which appears contrary to orthodoxy.

I’m not really here to argue about alien visitation at this point. I’d like to instead tackle the megalithic structures spread across all the continents. The most common questions about the building of these structures are “how” and “why”.

I’m not an anthropologist, archaeologist, paleontologist or an expert in any matters historical. I’m just a guy. And as with almost all my writings, I try to dissuade people from believing weak scientific orthodoxy, and just use your noodle to figure stuff out. It really isn’t as hard as you think. You’d be amazed what simple logic and observation will reveal.

Let’s take the pyramids at Giza as a representative example. Many things are worth observing about these structures. First, why were they built? Scientists try to pass them off as temples or burial chambers. Problem is, there’s no writing in or around them and no mummies associated with them. So those answers are clearly just suppositions and untrue ones at that. So, we don’t know why they were built, and may never.

Second, why were they built as they were? They were built chiefly from megalithic blocks quarried miles away, and dressed in ways we would be hard pressed to duplicate today. Moreover the materials used (like granite) are exceptionally difficult to work, even in this day and age. You could have built these structures from stones a man could carry, rather than multi-ton blocks. So why prefer multi-ton blocks hewn from rock which is hard to work and miles away at the start? It just doesn’t make sense that anyone in our historical records, who didn’t really have the technology to build them, would do so. At least as they are. So, we don’t know why they were built the way they were as megalithic structures.

Third, there are no written records of their building. If they were built by the Egyptians of our history, why wouldn’t they write about them? Lord knows, the Egyptians wrote about everything else. There is even pornographic grafitti in public spaces from ancient Egypt. So you’d expect an endeavor this massive to have some pictographs or something somewhere which depict the whole activity and how it occurred. But there’s nothing. This indicates that the Egyptians we know of didn’t build them. They discovered them. And those who did build them were long gone by the time our Egyptians arrived on the scene. So, the lack of records of the building of these structures indicates those who were supposed to have built them didn’t.

Fourth, the most obvious questions about how the stones were quarried, dressed, and transported have never been adequately answered. In some cases, what was accomplished could not have been done today. Dressing granite stones so perfectly what not even a piece of paper can be slipped in between them is a task we would find difficult today. Getting flat and polished surfaces is possible, but not easy today. And transporting the stones… well, that would be difficult if not impossible today, as well. And it’s worth noting that the Egyptians were a bronze age culture. Their tools simply were not up to the task. It would take steel and diamonds to accomplish today what we see before us. And even then, the task would probably prove impossible. So it seems pretty clear that the Egyptians we know didn’t build them, another strike against today’s “scientific” orthodoxy.

All of this goes to show that our Egyptians didn’t build them and really just settled in their vicinity. This is echoed in a lot of other places around the world. You ask the native people who live in the shadow of such structures who built them, and they’ll tell you it wasn’t them. It was the gods, or some sky beings, or some such nonsense.

As I said, I’m not an expert. I can’t answer any of these questions. I can prove that what you’re typically told by “scientists” is horse hocky, as I just have. But that’s about it. Solid but spotty evidence exists to suggest that intelligent beings like us existed on this planet long before our written history. And when I say “long”, I mean that it could be millions of years, according to some of the evidence. There could have been whole civilizations that far back who had technology superior to our own, who flourished and vanished. Or it could have been purely alien entities who were here and did all this for whatever reasons, and then left.

The real point is that when faced with obvious evidence, one does not simply stick it in a moldy back room and ignore it, as current science does, simply because it runs counter to dogma. Facts which contradict your dogma mean your dogma is wrong, and you’d better come up with better dogma, or settle for no dogma, as science should be doing.

You want a deeper message? Question authority. Never accept it on face value. Never assume that, because a guy has a bunch of initials after his name, which he spent years in school obtaining, knows more than you. It may very well be he doesn’t. Observe, be willing to toss dogma aside, choose the most obvious answers, and use logic.