Why I dislike XML

Some years ago, XML began taking over as the format of choice for files which were not otherwise stored in RDBMSes. For example, the native storage format for transactions in KMyMoney is XML. It’s a format used all over the place. It has some advantages, especially now that it has garnered such widespread use. First, it is theoretically human-readable, unlike other flat file formats and RDBMS files. Second, it made use of existing experience and expertise in SGML and HTML, though its rules were a bit less strict and complex than SGML (from whence it came).

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New blog software

Currently, this blog runs on WordPress. Why? Because it does the things you need a blog to do, and it’s a simple download/install on this hosting service. It was a choice between Joomla, WordPress and a couple of other choices. I’ve used WordPress before, so I figured I’d go with that. But I’ve never been satisfied with blog software. I’ll tell you why. First, since I code in PHP, my blog software needs to be coded in PHP.

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Why I'm not a fan of frameworks

Frameworks in PHP are all the rage. There is every kind of framework you could want, from the slim Codeigniter to the much more bulky Symfony. With each, you must learn which functions to call under which circumstances to create the effects you want. You must build your controllers and views and models, and the framework provides, well… a framework for working with the models, views and controllers you’ve built.

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