MacOS vs Windows, Ease Of Use (Information Technology)

Noferblatz (15 January 2020 15:24:01)

Apple fanboys have long pushed the idea that MacOS is easier than Windows. But is it really? Read More

Website Portability (Information Technology)

Noferblatz (23 November 2019 15:11:12)

If you ever want to move your website to another hosting provider, beware of the pitfalls I lay out in this essay. Read More

Windows vs MacOS 2019 (Information Technology)

Noferblatz (11 November 2019 07:03:00)

Changing back from MacOS to Windows in 2019 is a little more frustrating than it used to be. Read More

How Good Is My Advice? (Information Technology, Programming)

Noferblatz (23 October 2019 07:02:28)

Why should you listen to me? How good is my advice compared to other programming writers? Read More

Functional Programming Fail (Information Technology, Programming)

Noferblatz (14 October 2019 17:45:27)

I don't believe "functional programming" will ever really be mainstream, and here's why. Read More

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