Design Patterns (Information Technology, Programming, Tech Made Simple)

Paul M. Foster (08 February 2012 23:58:55)

Design Patterns are Way Nifty Kewl patterns of code which are supposed to facilitate certain types of operations. (Was that sarcasm you detected? Yes it was.) Read More

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Permission Systems (Blog Software, Programming)

Paul M. Foster (14 April 2011 00:42:23)

What would a generic, extensible permissions system look like? Here is my take on what it might look and operate like. Read More

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Object-Oriented Programming is okay, but... (Programming)

Paul M. Foster (31 March 2011 00:39:31)

Object oriented programming isn't a panacea. It's useful sometimes, but not all the time. Read More

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Why I dislike XML (Programming)

Paul M. Foster (21 December 2010 05:16:50 Revised 03 April 2011 20:50:03)

XML is bloated and not what it's cracked up to be. I think a combination of EDI and XML would be vastly superior to XML alone. Here's why.

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Why I'm not a fan of frameworks (Programming)

Paul M. Foster (20 December 2010 03:48:31 Revised 20 December 2010 03:55:15)

Are frameworks really worth the extra code and CPU cycles? Mostly, I think not. Read More

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