Grot Blog (Blog Software)

Noferblatz (03/15/11 06:36:40 Revision 0)

I've decided to call the blog software I'm writing "Grot Blog". It's a joke. The "grot" is British English for, roughly, junk. There used to be a show on the air in the U.S. called "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin". It was a British series, and part of the joke of which was that the title character, Reginald Perrin, opened a series of shops called "Grot", which sold useless junk. Fortunately or unfortunately for Reginald, the shops turned out to be a brilliant success, despite his attempts to sabotage them. I always thought it was a great joke.

This is one of the most detailed specs I've ever written for a project. And obviously, it's subject to change. The next issue is where to start coding.

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