All Or Partial SQL Updates
by Noferblatz (11 December 2018 17:07:57)

I used to only update changed fields when I updated SQL records. But I've changed my mind.
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No Filter
(Culture, General, Information Technology, Politics)
by Noferblatz (02 October 2018 17:05:42)

Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux) recently took a sabatical to reform his public conduct. This is way overblown.
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Linux Foundation Petition
(Information Technology, Politics)
by Noferblatz (27 September 2018 17:04:03)

A petition to the Linux Foundation to urge them to disavow codes of conduct originated by professional complainers.
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Censorship = Thought Control
(Culture, General, Politics)
by Noferblatz (11 September 2018 16:59:49)

Let's be clear. Censorship is not just preventing you from seeing or reading something or other. It's an effective form of thought control.
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Why No Facebook?
(Culture, General)
by Noferblatz (01 September 2018 16:55:14)

I don't use Facebook. Here's why.
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