Politics Explained
(Culture, Politics)
by Noferblatz (24 July 2017 05:46:01)

Here I break down what politics is really about, as opposed to what you typically hear from politicians.
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Planned Obsolescence
by Noferblatz (11 July 2017 05:14:57)

Companies typically build things designed to break long before they should.
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PHP Is Not A Good Language
(Information Technology, Programming)
by Noferblatz (21 June 2017 05:06:57)

That's the party line. But in fact, PHP is an excellent language, and here's why.
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Why I Use Linux
(Information Technology)
by Noferblatz (18 June 2017 05:02:41)

I use Linux for a variety of things. Here's why.
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Computer Screens
by Noferblatz (13 June 2017 05:01:28)

Basic computer screens, part of every web application you see or create.
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