The Death Of Physical Media
by Noferblatz (14 October 2019 17:49:25)

Streaming's great and all, but not having physical media means you're losing a lot of great history, and a lot of wonderful art at the same time.
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Functional Programming Fail
(Information Technology, Programming)
by Noferblatz (14 October 2019 17:45:27)

I don't believe "functional programming" will ever really be mainstream, and here's why.
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My Love Affair With My Computer
(Culture, General, Information Technology)
by Noferblatz (08 October 2019 18:50:42)

I've owned a computer continuously since about 1985. I have a dumb phone and a tablet I rarely use.
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Stored Procedures
by Noferblatz (30 September 2019 08:47:11)

Stored procedures are a bad idea and here's why
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The Lua Language
(Information Technology, Programming)
by Noferblatz (16 September 2019 11:34:54)

The Lua language has piqued my curiosity. But my study of it has deflated my hopes for it.
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