I Make Trouble
Noferblatz (13 August 2020 13:19:00)

From the time I was a kid, I questioned authority. I wasn't belligerent. I respected my teachers, and they generally liked me. And I didn't question authority for no reason. I only made a fuss if I felt a mistake was made, or facts presented were untrue. For those teachers who appreciated engaged students, this was welcomed. For others, it was a minor annoyance.

My mother vacillated on the issue. While she encouraged my independent thinking, she wasn't so thrilled when I questioned her. I didn't do it much because it wasn't needed. But there were times. When she married my stepfather, he didn't know how to deal with me. I came from an environment where I naturally spoke my mind, and this didn't fly with his kids. Fortunately, he made allowances for me. My stepbrothers wouldn't have survived, speaking up as I did, had it not been for me breaking the ice.

I should also say that I've always been a smart aleck. I used to have a very dry and ironic sense of humor as a kid. But I found that people took my jokes seriously and reacted badly. So I learned to deliver my punchlines with a smile, which served to disarm people, and show them that I meant no harm or insult. I still have a very active, if sometimes dark, ironic sense of humor.

My parents always told me it was my smart mouth which caused most of my trouble. Very true. But I didn't speak up out of malice, only to ensure that truth and justice won out.

As a result of all this, I tend to upset the apple cart. I rock the boat. I ask the hard questions. It makes some people uncomfortable. I've gotten in trouble more than once for being a thorn in someone's side. Even my wife sometimes encourages me to moderate my actions; she doesn't like conflict.

But the older I get, the more dissatisfied I am with what I see. Truth and justice aren't winning; just the opposite. This civilization, with all its glitz and expensive trappings, is proceeding downhill like a runaway train.

There are lot of people speaking up about what's going on. You just don't hear much about them, because the media seems happy to see it all burn. In my golden years, I think it's time I spoke up too.

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