Stop feeling guilty
Noferblatz (13 August 2020 08:15:30)

As of this date, there are racist organizations and their fellow travelers and useful idiots who are doing their best to convince you that you are racist because you're white, or worse, white male. Just to balance it out, there is a current in black culture which discriminates against others based on the shade of black their skin is. Before all this, there were feminist organizations dedicated to making you feel guilty because you're a man. (How come you're not guilty for being a woman?)

The real problem is that people agree to feel guilty because of all this noise.

If you're white, you're as guilty as those slave owners hundreds of years ago, even if your family emigrated to this country in the early 1900s. It doesn't matter that neither you nor anyone in your family ever owned slaves. You might even like most black people (the same way you like most white people). Doesn't matter. Your racism is hidden and institutionalized and you don't even know it. You're guilty.

Um, I don't know about you, but I'm not. I refuse to feel guilty for things I didn't and don't do. And you know what, you're free to call me a racist if you like. Because I don't care. Because I'm not a racist. Neither am I a sexist nor a homophobe.

I hate to go all philosophical (not really), but reality is composed solely and only of what we agree to. If we all agree there's a wall there, there is. If we all agree it's not there, it's not.

I'm all for free speech, and if people want to go around claiming the Earth is flat and I'm a racist, they're free to. But I don't have to agree.

My grand kids are being taught in school that calling people names is fundamentally bad, because words hurt people. I can't use the word "fat" in my daughter's house, because she's bought into what my grand kids are being taught. Apparently, if some little fat kid gets called out for being fat, it'll ruin the rest of his life.

Words only have the power you give them. If somebody calls you fat or racist or homophobic, you're free to agree or not, as you like. The problem is, most people just go along and agree. And then agree to feel guilty for being that thing.

Okay, if you're fat, you're fat. No getting around it. You can disagree all day, but in the end, you're still fat. Whether you feel guilty about it is up to you. My advice: don't.

If you are accused of stealing something from a store when you didn't, do you just go ahead and agree? If you're accused of rape when you never even met the girl, do you just plead guilty?

Of course not.

So why should you agree to being a racist, sexist or homophobe when someone calls you that? Why feel guilty? It's entirely up to you. You're free to agree or not.

The more sinister part of this situation is that it's not really about making you feel guilty. It's about what you can be made to do when you do feel guilty. If you can be made to agree that you're a racist, then you will hire 50% blacks for your commercials, rather than attempting to reflect the actual population, which is more like 15% black. If you can be made to feel guilty, you'll let more black kids into your university, despite the fact that they don't have the grades or test scores to make it otherwise. If you can be made to feel guilty about your sexism, you'll promote a woman over a man with better qualifications to assuage your guilt.

This is about power. You have it and they want it. Whether it's the power to hire and fire, the power to contribute source code to a project, or the power to decide on your own to send your kids to a certain school. You have a minority (feminists, gays, blacks, etc.) which wants the power you have, and has figured out that if they can make you feel guilty, you'll give them some of it. So that they can turn around and victimize other people. (Don't think so? Look at what's happened in South Africa since the end of Apartheid.) And by the way, you may not even have the actual power they want. But you belong to a class which does, so you must suffer along with the rest.

The point is that this is extortion, just as if someone threatens to firebomb your house if you don't give them money. And those you give the power to will not stop harassing you, nor will they do good with the power they get from you. Their motives are not pure, nor will their actions be.

In this society blacks, women and gays are not disadvantaged in any systematic way. There are pockets of discrimination, and there always will be. These are humans we're talking about, after all. But the discrimination they allege is isolated and not widespread, despite the lies they tell.

You might wonder why they tell you stories which are obviously untrue. That's the narrative of these communities. These are the stories they tell each other. We're so oppressed by fill-in-the-blank. We must fight fill-in-the-blank and take back the power we deserve.

The undeserved death of one black man at the hands of police is not systematic oppression or racism. It's one bad cop who should never have been employed in the first place. It's not a reason for riots, unless the stories the rioters are telling themselves are untrue exaggerations.

Or unless they're being paid to agitate. Yes, there are people in this world who financially support organizations whose purpose is to sow dissent and chaos.

So get it straight. You're not oppressing these people. You're not discriminating against these people. They're being paid to harass you, and the ones who aren't are swallowing a false narrative designed to make them hostile towards you.

You're not guilty. You don't owe these people anything. You're welcome to grovel and propitiate. That's up to you. Personally, I'd rather save my energy for things that really matter.

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