This is a web front end for the Remind program. See Remind

You edit your reminders file on the back end. You run this on your local web server to see a calendar of the current month (or any month).

Simply install the software in any convenient directory served by your web server. Edit the config/config.ini file; the values there should be obvious.

Obviously, you must be running Remind, and you must have a reminders file. This software will run Remind in the background to create a secondary file which the calendar software can read, and use to build a calendar web page.

You can’t add, change or delete events from this program. But there are pages in this software which will accept requests from you, and mail them to the person running the Remind program.

In my family, I maintain the reminders via Remind. The Calendar program allows my wife to see what events are scheduled for the month.

You may download it on Gitlab: Here.