The Lua Language (Information Technology, Programming)

Paul M. Foster (16 September 2019 11:34:54)

The Lua language has piqued my curiosity. But my study of it has deflated my hopes for it. Read More

Why Singletons Are Okay (Programming)

Paul M. Foster (06 September 2019 08:35:47)

Arguing against the whining complaints about singletons in code. Read More

Hosting (Information Technology)

Paul M. Foster (18 July 2016 09:53:19)

Here's an example of how bad hosting companies can be, from my personal experience. Read More

Cloud Only Software (Information Technology, Tech Made Simple)

Paul M. Foster (15 July 2016 09:50:42)

Here's what you have to look forward to with software which resides only in the Cloud. Read More

Closures And Lambda Functions In PHP (Programming)

Paul M. Foster (28 January 2016 16:26:40)

Anonymous functions have been introduced into PHP, to the detriment of the language. Read More

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